Crafting the vision of reusable packaging in Europe



To speak with one voice and influence legislative, infrastructure and financial developments so as to achieve our shared vision


To raise awareness on what constitute efficient, convenient and sustainable reuse systems


To provide a space for actors in the reuse packaging world to meet, exchange and build synergies

Our work


Influence policy making, in order to...

Build support to implement reuse infrastructure at the European level

Push for economic incentives that make reuse systems cost-competitive with single use packaging

Implement (sustainability) standards for systems and packaging to allow for economies of scale

Provide legal certainty to long term investments in the sector

Promote consumer awareness and acceptance of reusables solutions


Provide space for...

Actors in the reuse packaging world to meet and exchange:

Knowledge & capacity building

Experiences & networking


Co-create and develop standards for...

Data infrastructure set-ups

Databases of products or manufacturers accepted for reuse

A joint approach on deposit prices for key packaging types

Term definitions

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